opportunity resources employee of the quarter

Opportunity Resources, Inc. nominates an employee to receive the Employee of the Quarter Award, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Missoula Community Service Committee. The nominee is presented with a Certificate of Achievement, as well as a $50 gift card to Southgate Mall. The award presentation generally takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month during the second month of the quarter. This awards program puts the spotlight on individuals employed through the ORI Employabilities Program. 

Melissa Kellmer - 1st Quarter 2018

Melissa Kellmer's employment story demonstrates how longevity in the workplace can payoff in the end. Soon after Melissa graduated from Big Sky High School she landed a position on Opportunity Resource's housekeeping crew, which was based at the Hampton Inn. The crew is where she developed a work ethic which exist in an employer's dreams. She was always on time and rarely missed a day of work. After 11 years on the crew she went from a shy, yet productive team member, to one of her supervisors "go to" workers when rooms needed to get done quickly. Melissa also found lifelong friends through her employment on the crew.

Even though Melissa valued her job on the Hampton Inn crew, she always had a dream of working at one of her favorite places in town-Carmike Theatre, now AMC. So in 2015, while continuing to work full-time on the crew, she began her career switch by contactingMontana Vocational Rehabilitation. It is at Voc Rehab Melissa learned that she was able to choose a provider to assist her with her job goal. Melissa chose EmployAbilities at Opportunity Resources and began working with Colleen Koch, one of ORI's Employment Consultants. Colleen assisted Melissa in developing her resume, filling out job applications,And practicing her interview skills. Melissa eventually landed an interview at Carmike, and after being turned down the first time, she persisted and applied again. This time she secured a temporary Community Work Experience at Carmike as a Tux Attendant. During her Work Experience, her wages were paid by Voc. Rehab., and she was provided job coaching by ORI to help her with her transition from crew to community.

Melissa's Carmike supervisors quickly learned what a dedicated worker she was, and at the end of her temporary Work Experience, they hired her as a permanent employee. During the past  2 1/4 years of her employment there, she has also added ticket taking and cleaning to her tux attendant duties. Her supervisors value Melissa as an employee and she recently was honored not only as AMC's Employee of the Month, but she was also honored by Voc.Rehab., as Montana Vocational Rehabilitation’s Case of the Year.